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Good news for Group Commissioners and Group Registrars...

Some groups have reported that some of their leaders had problems in logging in to scouts.ca and/or e-Learning for completing the Scouts Canada's mandatory training modules: AODA and Children & Youth Safety Training.

This page introduces an alternative method for Group Commissioners to help solve the problem with training videos provided by Scouts Canada.

Providing AODA & CYS Training Sessions for Scouters in a Group Setting


Download Videos from Scouts CanadaDownload Videos
from Scouts Canada

Use the following links to start the download of video versions of the mandatory training modules. These videos play the same content as is provided in the e-Learning platform, but are optimized for training large groups of Scouters. They are in .MP4 format.

[These are the new links provided by Scouts Canada Help Centre on May 24, 2013]

A friendly suggestion -- The files are large (see size indicated beside the link). It's not advisable to stream the video in real time for playing in a group setting (unless you are sure your internet connection speed is really fast).

Instead, please download the video file to your local computer first. Be patient and wait for the download to complete.

IMPORTANT: These videos are for use by Group Commissioners in a group setting. If you are an individual and would like to complete the mandatory training modules, please do so through the e-Learning platform in myscouts.ca. 


Moderate a training session



Group Commissioners' jobs in this step:

  • to moderate a training session where a group of Scouters can take the training at the same time
  • to prepare a Report of Completion form
  • to make sure all attendees must sign the Report of Completion
  • Note: use different Report of Completion form for different training as illustrated below

    (1) Record of Training (AODA)

AODA Attendance

(2) Record of Training (CYS Training)

CYS Training Attendance



Report Completion

Report Completion

Group Commissioners' jobs in this step:

Source: http://www.scouts.ca/vstk/training.html