[August 4 Update] Retirement of this York Headwaters Area website

With the launch of the new Shining Waters Council website, this York Headwaters Area website will not be updated any further.

The new SWC website is now hosted under Scouts Canada's portal website. It helps integrate all Area websites and the Council website into a single cohesive site. Moreover, the new Council website links to various sources on the National pages (e.g., the Group Management Playbook and more). More importantly, It leads to a simplified process for everyone to get updated and accurate information.

For Group Commissioners and section scouters' interest, it allows for a single place for Group Health, Events, and Recognition, etc. For parents and members' interest and to serve a much wider audience, local news and information will also be available and promoted through the unified platform.

A direct link to Council Scouttracker's calendar is now availablein the SWC website. It will be the "Single source of truth" for all Council events.

The new SWC website is now the first go-to place for Council updates.

Webmaster's sharing...
I would like to say Thank-you to those who regularly come visit this website in the past. Thank you for your support and advice when there was a typo or broken links on any pages. Thank you for your patience when the site was once down for a few days. I remember the server-down situation happened two or three times since its first launch in January 2013.

Last but not least, I have to thank all scouters who have regularly provided me with info on events, training and registration.

Wish everyone stays strong, stays healthy and virus-free.
Happy Scouting!

Scouter Albert
August 4, 2020


Selective listings by location: | Markham | Richmond Hill | Maple, Stouffville, Thornhill, Unionville & Hong Kong |

List of all local groups in York Headwaters Area (Updated - September 24, 2019)

Location Group Name w16 Sponsor Contact   Email Address
Maple 1st Maple   Maple Lions Club  Rhiannon Wood email16 rhiannon_wood@hotmail.com
Markham 1st Markham York EMS MedVent w16 York Region EMS John Chin email16 jchintor@gmail.com
Markham 2nd Markham   St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Robert Lewis email16 com2ndmkhm@hotmail.ca
Markham 4th Markham w16 Grace Anglican Church John Hotta email16 john@hotta.ca
Markham 7th Markham  w16 Rouge Valley Mennonite Church  Bryant Fung email16 bryantfung@hotmail.com
Markham 8th Markham w16 Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham Peck Yap email16 peckyap@yahoo.ca
Markham 22nd Markham w16 HASFF Tronics Inc. Vivian Hui email16 vhui_hkg@hotmail.com
Markham 23rd Markham    Community Group    email16  
Markham 100th Markham    Toronto Chinese Community Church Rev. Wesley Lim email16 wesleyl@tccc.ca
Markham 333rd Markham  w16 Chinese Martyrs Catholic Church Anna Wong email16 anna.wong@peelregion.ca
Markham 133rd Milliken    Logos Baptist Church  Ernest Lo email16 elo092628@yahoo.ca
Markham 7th Milliken Mills w16 Community Group Priscilla Wong email16 priscillapfwong@gmail.com
Richmond Hill 1st Richmond Hill    Community Group  Sheri Rilett email16 rilett@rogers.com
Richmond Hill 5th Richmond Hill    Richmond Hill United Church Les Selby email16 les_selby@rogers.com
Richmond Hill 6th Richmond Hill w16 St. Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Church Bosco Tang email16 boscotang360@gmail.com
Richmond Hill 8th Richmond Hill  w16 Community Group Ersin Kutluoglu email16 ersin.kutluoglu@yhwscouts.ca
Richmond Hill 10th Richmond Hill w16 Community Group Peter Chow  email16 peterkchow@rogers.com
Richmond Hill 38th Richmond Hill    Sing Fai Sports Club Clement Cheng email16 clement.cheng@sympatico.ca
Stouffville 1st Stouffville  Stouffville United Church  Glenn Skitch email16 gskitch@rogers.com
Thornhill 1st Thornhill    Thornhill United Church  Richard Rolland email16 richard.rolland@gmail.com
Thornhill 7th Thornhill    Community Group Walter Matte email16 wmatte@tactical.net
Thornhill 392nd Thornhill Muslim   ISIJ of Toronto Raza Datoo email16 raza.datoo@gmail.com
Unionville 1st Unionville   Central United Church Annie Yuen email16 yarnsintl@hotmail.com
Unionville 2nd Unionville   St Justin Martyr Catholic Church Helen Tam email16 helentam@rogers.com
Unionville 3rd Unionville    Markham Chinese Baptist Church  William Sung email16 ycwsung@yahoo.ca
Unionville 5th Unionville    Community Group  Elwick Tang email16 elwick@rogers.com
Woodbridge 1st Woodbridge     Christopher Gregoris email16 christophergregoris@hotmail.com
Hong Kong 1st Hong Kong Canadian Canadian International School of Hong Kong Cassandra Ip email16 cassandraip@mac.com