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List of all local groups in Maple, Stouffville, Thornhill, Unionville & Hong Kong (Updated - August 27, 2018)

Location Group Name w16 Sponsor Contact   Email Address
Maple 1st Maple   Maple Lions Club  Rhiannon Wood email16
Stouffville 1st Stouffville  Stouffville United Church  Glenn Skitch email16
Thornhill 1st Thornhill    Thornhill United Church  Richard Rolland email16
Thornhill 7th Thornhill    Community Group Walter Matte email16
Thornhill 392nd Thornhill Muslim   ISIJ of Toronto Raza Datoo email16
Unionville 1st Unionville   Central United Church Annie Yuen email16
Unionville 2nd Unionville   St Justin Martyr Catholic Church Helen Tam email16
Unionville 3rd Unionville    Markham Chinese Baptist Church  William Sung email16
Unionville 5th Unionville    Community Group  Elwick Tang email16
Hong Kong 1st Hong Kong Canadian Canadian International School of Hong Kong Cassandra Ip email16

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