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November 24, 2013

Thought of the Day

My son Colby Puna, 8, joined Second Holly Scouts Canada in September, 2013. In two very short months, I have seen my son change into a more creative, thoughtful and mature young man.

The opportunities that he is able to experience through Scouts Canada are incredible.

He has done everything from camping, to gardening and carpentry. Most recently, the Beaver and Scouts troop had a Remembrance Day Assembly.

Both the Beaver leader and Scout leader are captains in the Canadian Armed Forces.

They came to the meeting in their decorated uniforms and had a very well-organized and tasteful assembly to honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Colby was so touched after the ceremony that he came home and wrote the following poem...

'The Winds Blow'
The winds blow The flowers grow
But we will remember the people who fought in the war
Forever they remain in our hearts.

Thank you, Second Holly Scouts Canada, for making such an impression on my young boy.

Thank you for making a difference.

Shannon Puna

-- From the Barrie Examiner – ‘Barrie Mom Credits Scouts with helping her son” --
-- November 11, 2013 --

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