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[August 4 Update] Retirement of this York Headwaters Area website

With the launch of the new Shining Waters Council website, this York Headwaters Area website will not be updated any further.

The new SWC website is now hosted under Scouts Canada's portal website. It helps integrate all Area websites and the Council website into a single cohesive site. Moreover, the new Council website links to various sources on the National pages (e.g., the Group Management Playbook and more). More importantly, It leads to a simplified process for everyone to get updated and accurate information.

For Group Commissioners and section scouters' interest, it allows for a single place for Group Health, Events, and Recognition, etc. For parents and members' interest and to serve a much wider audience, local news and information will also be available and promoted through the unified platform.

A direct link to Council Scouttracker's calendar is now availablein the SWC website. It will be the "Single source of truth" for all Council events.

The new SWC website is now the first go-to place for Council updates.

Webmaster's sharing...
I would like to say Thank-you to those who regularly come visit this website in the past. Thank you for your support and advice when there was a typo or broken links on any pages. Thank you for your patience when the site was once down for a few days. I remember the server-down situation happened two or three times since its first launch in January 2013.

Last but not least, I have to thank all scouters who have regularly provided me with info on events, training and registration.

Wish everyone stays strong, stays healthy and virus-free.
Happy Scouting!

Scouter Albert
August 4, 2020

Team 2019/2020
(Updated on November 11, 2019)

Area Administration Team

Council Administrator EM16 Daniel Lei
Immediate Past Area Commissioner EM16 Kit Cheng
Scouting Relationship Manager (SRM) EM16 Daisy Gao

New Member Support Team

DAC - New Member Support and Onboarding EM16 William Wong
AAC - Membership Development

EM16 Abdul Jaloud

Area Interview Team The Area Interview Team will be directly responsible by the Council Administrator
Area Interview Scouter -- Vaughan and New Groups EM16 Ersin Kutluoglu
EM16 Edna Elliston
EM16 Denise Johnston
Area Interview Scouter -- Richmond Hill Groups EM16 Pradeepta Chakravarti
EM16 Jenny Terakita
Area Interview Scouter -- Thornhill Groups EM16 Brian Mitgang
Area Interview Scouter -- Markham North & Stouffville Groups

EM16 Abdul Jaloud

EM16 Annie Yuen

Area Interview Scouter -- Markham South Groups EM16 Mimi Quan
Area Interview Scouter -- Unionville & Milliken Mills Groups EM16 Helen Tam
EM16 Annie Yuen
Learning & Development Team
DAC - Learning & Development EM16 Edna Elliston
DAC - Learning & Development EM16 Desmond Wong
AAC - Canadian Path & Scouter Development EM16 John Janson
Program Team
DAC - Program EM16 Elwick Tang
AAC - Beaver EM16Chris Rosenthal
AAC - Cub EM16 Kate Tsui
AAC - Scout EM16 Arthur Wu
AAC - Venturer & Rover EM16 Desmond Wong
EM16 Mandy Chung
AAC - Special Events EM16 Gloria Lee

Group Support Team

SRM - Scouting Relationship Manager EM16 Daisy Gao
GSS - Group Support Scouter EM16 Jackson Kwok
GSS - Group Support Scouter EM16 Purvin Wai
GSS - Group Support Scouter EM16 Allan Chan
GSS - Group Support Scouter EM16 Daniel Lei
Recognition Team
DAC - Recognition EM16 Peck Yap
DAYC - Recognition EM16 Veronica Woo

Operations Team

Area Operations Lead EM16 Jackson Kwok
DAC - Area Registrar EM16 Tony Au
AAC - Area Quartermaster EM16 Jim Dawes
AAC - Area Service Scouter EM16 Bryant Fung

Fundraising Team

DAC - Fundraising EM16 John Hotta
APC - Area Popcorn Coordinator (Operation) EM16 Cathy Farrant
EM16 Denise Johnston
EM16 Francis Cheung
EM16Mimi Quan
APC - Area Popcorn Coordinator (Distribution) EM16Bryant Fung
EM16 Les Selby
DAC - Safe Scouting EM16 Rosalind So
AAC - Area Secretary EM16 Kristin Walker
EM16 Lotus Chong
AAC - Communication EM16 Albert Pang

Group Commissioner

See YHW Groups List for group contact info by groups and locations


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