Service Team
Team 2018/2019 -
(Updated on November 16, 2018)
Area Key 3
EM16 Kit Cheng
Area Commissioner
(Incoming - effective Jan 1, 2019)
EM16 Daniel Lei
Area Youth Commissioner
EM16 Mandy Chung
Scouting Relationship Manager (SRM) EM16 Alyssa McGinnis
Past Area Commissioner EM16 Jenny Terakita

New Member Support Team

DAC - New Member Support EM16 [ Vacant ]
AAC - Membership Development

EM16 Jaloud Abdul

Area Interview Scouter -- Vaughan and New Groups EM16 Ersin Kutluoglu
EM16 Edna Elliston
Area Interview Scouter -- Richmond Hill Groups EM16 Pradeepta Chakravarti
EM16 Jenny Terakita
Area Interview Scouter -- Thornhill Groups EM16 Brian Mitgang
Area Interview Scouter -- Markham North & Stouffville Groups

EM16 Jaloud Abdul

EM16 Annie Yuen

Area Interview Scouter -- Markham South Groups EM16 Mimi Quan
Area Interview Scouter -- Unionville & Milliken Mills Groups EM16 Helen Tam
EM16 Annie Yuen
Learning & Development Team
DAC - Learning & Development EM16 Samil Chagpar
DAYC - Learning & Development EM16 James Rosenthal
AAC - Woodbadge Training EM16 Elwick Tang
Program Team
DAC - Program EM16 Elwick Tang
AAC - Beaver EM16Chris Rosenthal
AAC - Cub EM16 Kate Tsui
AAC - Scout EM16 Arthur Wu
AAC - Venturer & Rover EM16 Desmond Wong
AAC - Special Events EM16 Gloria Lee
Group Support Team
DAC - Group Support Team Lead EM16 Daniel Lei
DAC - Group Support Scouter EM16 Purvin Wai
AAC - Group Support Scouter EM16 Barbara Ma
AAC - Group Support Scouter EM16 John Janson
AAC - Group Support Scouter EM16 William Wong
AAC - Group Support Scouter EM16 Joey Chin
Recognition Team
DAC - Recognition EM16 Peck Yap
DAYC - Recognition EM16 Clara Estrella
Administration Team
DAC - Area Administrator EM16 Edna Elliston
APC - Area Popcorn Coordinator (Operation) EM16 [ Vacant ]
APC - Area Popcorn Coordinator (Distribution) EM16 [ Vacant ]
AAC - Area Quartermaster EM16 Jim Dawes
AAC - Area Service Scouter EM16 Tony Au
DAC - Area Registrar EM16 Jackson Kwok
DAC - Safe Scouting EM16 Rosalind So
AAC - Area Secretary EM16 Kristin Walker
AAC - Communication EM16 Albert Pang

Group Commissioner

See YHW Groups List for group contact info by groups and locations
Group Youth Commissioner See YHW Groups List for group contact info by groups and locations


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