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[August 4 Update] Retirement of this York Headwaters Area website

With the launch of the new Shining Waters Council website, this York Headwaters Area website will not be updated any further.

The new SWC website is now hosted under Scouts Canada's portal website. It helps integrate all Area websites and the Council website into a single cohesive site. Moreover, the new Council website links to various sources on the National pages (e.g., the Group Management Playbook and more). More importantly, It leads to a simplified process for everyone to get updated and accurate information.

For Group Commissioners and section scouters' interest, it allows for a single place for Group Health, Events, and Recognition, etc. For parents and members' interest and to serve a much wider audience, local news and information will also be available and promoted through the unified platform.

A direct link to Council Scouttracker's calendar is now availablein the SWC website. It will be the "Single source of truth" for all Council events.

The new SWC website is now the first go-to place for Council updates.

Webmaster's sharing...
I would like to say Thank-you to those who regularly come visit this website in the past. Thank you for your support and advice when there was a typo or broken links on any pages. Thank you for your patience when the site was once down for a few days. I remember the server-down situation happened two or three times since its first launch in January 2013.

Last but not least, I have to thank all scouters who have regularly provided me with info on events, training and registration.

Wish everyone stays strong, stays healthy and virus-free.
Happy Scouting!

Scouter Albert
August 4, 2020

This information Centre intends to provide you with most frequently used forms and documents; and links to useful materials. Happy scouting!

Canadian Path    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Activity Service Providers -- Info Sheet
-- Released by Scouter Elwick Tang, DAC Program (Jan 2019)
-- Backgroung information, APPROVED Activity Service Providers List, NOT APPROVED Activity Service Providers List and more.

Scouts Canada - National Approved Activity Providers
-- Released by Scouter Nicole Donadio, Council Relationship Manager (Oct 2019)

Scouting Activity - Vendors and Waiver Info Questionnaire
-- Collaboration effort from Scouters -- Let's help create a list of activities we can (or not) participate in:
-- Shared by Scouter Glenn Skitch, 1st Stouffville Group Commissioner

Scouting Activity - Vendors and Waiver Info (Responses)
-- This is the crowd-sourced list of vendors and activities generated from the above collaborated questionnaire. Thanks to all contributors.

SWC Safety Moment - | Sept 2019 | April 2020 |
Safety Scouting Weekly Report - | Week 1 & 2 - Sept 2019 |
Risk Assessment Form

Great, Safe Scouting Adventures... Visit Scouting Safety page often and download Safety Tips.

Registration Matters
All about Registration Matters for 2019 / 2020 - A featured page for Group Commissioners and Group Registrars
Group Administration / Operation
COSC Equipment Booking Form
Canadian Tire's Jumpstart -- brief introduction of How-to-Apply
Group Visit Form (new released for 2015-2016) [ Editable PDF version]

Message from Kristy Carthew-Marshall, ASM Shining Waters Council:


About Insurance... Update on April 13, 2020:
New certificates effective April 1, 2020 through April 1, 2021

Insurance Certificate (for York Region District School Board - 2020 / 2021)
Insurance Certificate (for York Catholic District School Board - 2020 / 2021)
Insurance Certificate (General - 2020 / 2021) - will be posted here shortly

PRC Request Letter for GTC & SWC (re: fingerprints)
[ COSC Revised version released Dec 10, 2012 ]
Program Standard / Awards (Group / Section level)
Blue and Gold Award (for Venturer Company) -- SWC form applicable to all Areas - new form adopted since May 2013.
Group Youth Commissioner - Application Form removed
GYC Role has been discontinued commencing Sept 2019

Fundraising Related

Scoutrees 2014Scoutrees 2019 -- No update for Scoutrees 2020 yet. Following info is for reference for now.
Information page for Scoutrees Fundraiser - FAQ
2019 Scoutreees Poster
Scoutrees 2019 PLEDGE FORM
2019 Scoutrees Crest -- Link to online purchase from Scout Shop.

Scoutrees Online Report Form
Scoutrees 2019 Tax Receipt Request Form -- to be submitted to COSC by June 28, 2019
Note: The above Report Form and the Tax Receipt Request Form were formerly included in a single document - Group Participation Report Form.

New changes in 2019:
Participating groups to share details of the Scoutrees planting event to help Scouts Canada grow the Scoutrees campaign - through the Scoutrees Online Report Form.
Participating groups to submit Tax Receipt Request Form with Pledge Forms and qualifying donations for tax receipts to COSC by June 28, 2019.

For inquiry: Contact Scouter Gloria Lee

Further update [May 2019]: B.P. & P is now substantially changed and goes online.
"From a user perspective, the new format will have some important advantages. We have endeavoured to clarify our Policies, Standards and Procedures with plain language that quickly gets to important points. We have also worked to improve the navigation of these documents, and provided quick and easy access to supporting resources..."

Please visit the following new links for online version:
Scouts Canada’s Enhanced Bylaw, Policies and Procedures
Bylaws, Policies and Procedures (BP&P) FAQ

Outdoor Activities Related
(Frequently used forms are listed below for quick search. If you need other forms, please go through link to B.P. & P., Online version)

Scouts Canada ByLaw, Policies & Procedures (B.P. & P.) -- Online version
Contents divided into sections for easy downloading, viewing and printing... including Forms.

Scouts Canada B.P. & P -- Full pdf document - version update as of February 2015
Camping & Outdoor Activity Application Form - online interactive version - Oct. 2007
Physical Fitness Form for Non Members - version - Aug. 2006
Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Category 3 Activities and Out of Country Travel - version - Aug. 2006)
Individual Release and Hold Harmless Agreement - version Feb 2007
Volunteers Related
PRC / VSS Requirements
Providing AODA & CYS Training Sessions for Scouters in a Group Setting
Training (Woodbadge I, II; First Aid; and more)
Other Useful L:inks

Canadian Path    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)