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Scouts Canada - It Starts with Scouts

Dear Group Commissioners, Group Administrators and Registrars...
You begin organizing the membership in your group.
It starts with YOU.

Friendly reminder... Visit this page frequently for ongoing updates!
First release of Spring Registration info: April 20, 2019
(Latest Update: April 20, 2019)

[April 21 Update] Messages from Jackson Kwok, DAC - Administration...
Briefing on Spring Registration 2019 (Email to all GCs and GRs on April 20, 2019)
Guidelines for starting of online registration

1. How to prepare for registration
2. How to View and Set Organization Fees
3. Registration Checklist
4. How to Register your Child as a Returning Participant
5. How to register a first time youth participant - step by step

Scouts Canada provides a two-week advanced registration period for returning members.

From May 1st through May 14th...
Pparents will only be able to renew their children in the same Group in MyScouts.ca so that returning youth can guarantee their place in the Group.

Parents can renew their children in the same Scout Group by logging into their MyScouts account and selecting the renew option beside their child’s name in the ‘My Family’ tab.

After May 14th...
Registering new participants or returning participants in a new Group (i.e. changing to another group) will be available on May 15th and onward.

Parents registering new members after May 14th should do so from the Find a Group feature which can be found at scouts.ca/signup.

Alternatively, from myscouts.ca page, click on "Click here to go to our group locator" to start the Group Locator.

Enter your postal code to the Group Locator (see figure below) and start searching the group near you.


Scouts Canada Registration Fee:

Quick Links...
April 20, 2019 - Messages from DAC - Administration

Useful Guidelines from Online Support centre...
How to set-up online self-registration for your group

How to register my child (first time participant)
How to register my child (returning participant)


A very useful portal site administered by COSC where you will find most of the registration-related materials... i.e. Charters, Financial Reports, Subsidy Program, Code of Conduct, NOLB process, Volunteer Screening Policy, Registration Refund Policy, Refund Request Form etc. etc.

COSC Registration Portal Site

Area Registrar - Email Contact:

PRC Request Letter for GTC & SWC (re: fingerprints)

Group Equipment Inventory Form

Application For Group/Section Charter

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