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Scouts Canada - It Starts with Scouts

Dear Group Commissioners and Registrars...
You begin organizing the membership in your group.
It starts with YOU.

Friendly reminder... Visit this page frequently for ongoing updates!
(Latest update: May 1, 2017)

Starting May 1st, 2017 current members will have an exclusive opportunity for the first three weeks of May to register for the upcoming 2017-2018 Scouting Year in myscouts.ca.

Scouts Canada Registration Fee:

Action Plan:

Quick Links...
April 24, 2017 - Scouts Canada Announcement (Email sent to Scouters)
April 26, 2017 - Messages from Council Registrar (Email sent to Groups)
April 27, 2017 - Messages from Area Commissioner (Email sent to Groups)

Special accommodation for some specific needs in some groups...

   [ V-Form ] Volunteer (Application for Membership and Appointment of Volunteers)
   [ P-Form ] Youth (Program Participant Enrolment Form)

Important note: Starting September 1, 2017 Scouts Canada is moving to online parent registrations only and Scouting Groups will not be able to process this paper registration form. If you are using this form before this date please ensure your Scouting Group has enough time to process this registration form.

Download: COSC - Registration Summary
Submit spring registration packages with a Registration Summary to The COSC Office on or before July 14, 2017 by 5:00 pm.

Useful Guidelines from Online Support centre...
Online Registration FAQ
     PDF file download -- Registration FAQ - April 2017 updated version
     PDF file download -- Registration FAQ - Dec 2016 version
How to set-up online self-registration for your group

How to register my child (first time participant)
How to register my child (returning participant)
How to use Advanced registration (Renew)

New articles from Online Support Centre (for new year 2017 / 2018)
Adult and Youth Codes of Conduct 
 Frequently Asked Questions (on Codes of Conduct) that further explains updates to the Code.


A very useful portal site administered by COSC where you will find most of the registration-related materials... i.e. Charters, Financial Reports, Subsidy Program, Code of Conduct, NOLB process, Volunteer Screening Policy, Registration Refund Policy, Refund Request Form etc. etc.

COSC Registration Portal Site


New Registration Forms - 2017 / 2018

   [ V-Form ] Volunteer (Application for Membership and Appointment of Volunteers)
   [ P-Form ] Youth (Program Participant Enrolment Form)

Note: Pre-Populated Registration Forms (PPRF) for returning youth members will not be available this year. All registrations must be done through Online Registration System @myscouts.ca.

Area Registrar - Email Contact:

Resources page about PRC / VSS Matters

PRC Request Letter for GTC & SWC (re: fingerprints)

Group Equipment Inventory Form

Application For Group/Section Charter

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